TTH is a student association at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The association started in 2013 and have since worked to create a community and activities for equestrians at the universities in Stockholm. To participate some of our activities, like riding lessons you need to be a registered member and pay the member ship fee. However, it’s not necessary for all of our activities.


To participate in some of TTH:s activities (like the riding lessons) you need to be a registered member of TTH. The membership fee is 100 SEK.
Then pay the membership fee to bank account: 751-8368 and tag with FirstnameLastname



Riding lessons are held every 2-3 week and are for experienced riders only. You only sign up for one lesson at the time. Follow our facebook page to see when the riding lessons are held. 

You’ll find more information and sign-up sheet at this page: Riding lessons



TTH - Teknologer Till Häst / Equestrian Student Association
The Royal Institute of Technology
Drottning Kristinas väg 15
100 44 Stockholm

Facebook: TTH - Teknologer till häst 
Instagram: @tthast

instagram @tthast


Ridlektion 8/5

Äntligen har vi fått en ridlektion på Enskede Ridskola, anmälan hittar du här: Anmälan till ridlektioner

Student-SM 4:e-6:e maj
Följ oss på instagram under SM helgen och se hur det går för våra tävlande! 
SQUVALP 11:e-12:e maj
TTH har såklart ett lag med på Squvalp! 
Medlemskap 17/18

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