TTH is a student association at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The association started in 2013 and have since worked to create a community and activities for equestrians at the universities in Stockholm. To participate some of our activities, like riding lessons you need to be a registered member and pay the member ship fee. However, it’s not necessary for all of our activities.


To participate in some of TTH:s activities (like the riding lessons) you need to be a registered member of TTH. The membership fee is 100 SEK.
Then pay the membership fee to bank account: 751-8368 and tag with FirstnameLastname

ANNUAL MEETING 20th of September

It's your chance to have a opinion on TTH the coming year. Here we are going to elect out new board and decide on membership fee.


Riding lessons are held every 2-3 week and are for experienced riders only. You only sign up for one lesson at the time. Dates for this semester’s riding lessons:

26/9 Tuseday 
11/10 Wednesday 
31/10 Tuseday 
22/11 Wednesday 
19/12 Tuseday

You’ll find more information and sign-up sheet at this page: Riding lessons



TTH - Teknologer Till Häst / Equestrian Student Association
The Royal Institute of Technology
Drottning Kristinas väg 15
100 44 Stockholm

instagram @tthast


Ridlektion 31/1
Nästa ridlektion går av stapeln den 31/1, gå in och anmäl dig  här  
Nytt medlemskap 17/18
Ett nytt medlemskapsregister för läsåret 17/18 har nu skapats: Bli medlem här
Terminens ridlektioner/Ridning lessons this semester
17/1 Onsdag/Wednesday 
(more dates will be added as we get confirmation from the riding school)

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