Riding lessons

Riding lessons are held every 2-3 week and are for experienced riders only. That means that you can prepare you horse on your own and can ride it in all gates.

The riding lessons are held at Enskede Ridskola, it takes about 25 min from KTH (Campus  Valhallavägen) and the subway stop is Enskede Gård. After that there is about a 400 m walk to the Riding School. We meet up at the subway station 40 min before the riding lesson starts.

You only sign up for one lesson at the time. Dates for this semester’s riding lessons:

17/1 Wednesday 
(stay updated here to see the upcoming riding lessons)

You’ll find the sign-up at the bottom of this page. Read all information on this page before you sign up!

Short info about the lessons

Time: 11.30-12.15

Meet up: At 10:50, The subway station Enskede Gård

Level: Experienced riders only

Price: 250 SEK

Practical information:

-        There are toilets, showers and changing rooms at the riding schools.  There are also lockers where you can put your             things, bring your own lock.

-        Riding helmets must be worn during the lesson. You can loan a riding helmet at the riding school.

-        For safety reasons, wear shoes with a heal. Preferably riding boots or similar.

-        Wash your riding equipment if you have used it in another stable, to prevent spreading of diseases.  

-        Spurs and whips are usually not needed.

At the lesson

-        Bind your horse at the ring in the box when you prepare it.

-        Most horses have shin guards, those fore riding are in the saddle room. Those for the pasture hang outside the box.

-        Hang the blanket at the blanket rack, each box has a number and a corresponding number at the rack.

-        After the riding lesson we help each other take the horses out to the pastures.

Number of participants at the lesson

On Tuesdays the maximum is 10 riders, on Wednesdays the maximum is 6 riders. If less than 5 riders have signed up for a lesson the lesson might be held. In that case all riders who have signed up and payed will be notified and repaid. It might take a couple of days before you receive your repayment.


To participate in the riding lessons you must be a registered member of TTH and have paid the membership fee. If you sign up for the lesson on Tuesday 26 of September, you won’t be able to register as a member and pay the fee until after the annual meeting on September 20th. However, you can sign up for the riding lesson before that.

Guaranteed spot

You are guaranteed a spot on the lesson when you have signed up through the sign up sheet at this page, are a member of TTH, and have paid for the lesson. If the lesson happens to be filled before you have paid you will lose your spot to those who paid before you.

Sig off and repayment

TTH only guarantees repayment if the riding lesson can’t be held, because the teacher is sick for example, or if you sign off at least before 12 am one week before the lesson.

If you get sick or can’t participate in the lesson, notify us as fast as you can! If we can find a replacement we can refund you for the lesson.


You can only sign up and pay for one lesson at the time.

The lessons cost 250 SEK each. Payment is made to TTH’s bank account 751-8368 and tagged with FirstnameLastname.

Accidents and insurance

TTH is a part of Sweden’s Academic Spot Association and through that all our members are insured during our activities.

Our obligations

Our obligations are to inform you of appropriate riding gear that are to be worn for your safety. We are also obliged to inform you if there are any diseases at the stable that can affect you. We will also inform if the riding lesson can’t be held or if there is a change in date or time.

Sign up

 Step 1: Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, don’t forget to press sent when you are done.

Step 2: Pay for the riding lesson, bank account 751-8368 and tag your payment with FirstnameLastname.

Done! You are now signed up to the riding lesson.





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